Terrifying debt reality as infrastructure goes begging – Purdie’s take on State Budget

The State Budget has failed to deliver for regional communities, with not one cent being allocated to important infrastructure projects in the local area, Ninderry MP Dan Purdie said today.

Despite months of lobbying Ministers for funding for projects including the Coolum Roundabout, the single lane Caboolture Creek Bridge at Bli Bli and the long overdue Coolum police station, the Palaszczuk Government has chosen to ignore local priorities, instead throwing huge buckets of taxpayers funds into projects in Brisbane and the south-east corner, Mr Purdie said. The long overdue replacement of the Coolum police station

“These projects may not be a priority for the State Labor Government, but they are a priority for the residents in my electorate, unlike the $5.4billion Cross River Rail project, which we’ll all be paying for well into the future.”

Mr Purdie said under Labor, the State’s debt has escalated to a terrifying new height, costing taxpayers nearly $7000 a minute, or $9million a day in interest alone.   

“To think all of our congestion busting upgrades and local infrastructure needs could be recovered in three days of interest payments alone is simply scandalous, and shows the alarming reality of Labor’s failure to manage the State’s economy.    

“To say we’re being short-changed, like many regional communities across the State, is a massive understatement,” Mr Purdie said.

Mr Purdie, who is also the Shadow Assistant Minister for Treasury, said the Budget is a classic example of giving with one hand, and taking with another.

“It’s no secret the Labor Party have a dismal record when it comes to managing the economy, so while the $5.5billion in concessions will be a welcome relief for many families struggling with the cost of living, it comes at a huge cost in terms of the ever increasing debt burden we leave our children,” Mr Purdie said.

Mr Purdie said the Sunshine Coast was not alone in demanding its fair share of funding.

“While I welcome the vital investment in our local health services, it raises the question of why other important infrastructure projects have been overlooked.

“While Labor are busy buying green votes and pork barrelling their own seats at the taxpayers’ expense, regional communities are missing out, and it begs the same question we’ve been asking for months. “Is this a Government committed to governing for the whole state, or only where it best serves their interests and electoral fortune?”