People power secures win for road safety

Ninderry resident Lee Todhunter and his young family are all too familiar with speeding motorists on Ninderry Road, but after the most recent accident where a mother and her children crashed into his front yard, sending large fragments of rock hurtling towards his living room, Lee decided he’d had enough.

Mr Todhunter said speeding motorists on the 80km section of Ninderry Road had become so dangerous he no longer allowed his daughter to go and check the mail box.

“In the last five months alone, there have been three serious car accidents outside my home. In the case of two of these, the vehicles ended up in my front yard, only metres from my living room,” Mr Todhunter said.

Mr Todhunter contacted local MP Dan Purdie, and they launched a campaign to reduce the speed limit.

“With the support of Divisional Councillor Greg Rogerson, a speed limit review was done, and as a result, earlier this week, I was delighted to let the residents know the speed limit will be reduced to 60km,” Mr Purdie said.

Mr Purdie said it was a great outcome for the local residents

“Ninderry is a quiet, semi-rural area and residents should not have to be living in fear because of speeding motorists.

“I would like to thank Cr Rogerson and Council for acting so promptly.

“We’ve got a group of residents who are very grateful and relieved that someone is listening to their concerns,” Mr Purdie said